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Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, a land of enchanting beauty and contrast. Jordan, who recently captured the attention of old travel continues to enthrall a whole new generation as a modern nation and vibrant. From the strange sights of Wadi-Rum, to the crowd urban center of Amman.  From the maj...


No visit of Jordan will be complete without having seen the capital of the ancient Nabatean kingdom. The long-lost city of Petra, carved entirely by man into the rose-red sandstone rocks, puts your imagination to the test. It's a mystic and glorious place, an eternal tribute to a lost civil...


The ancient city of Jerash, built about 6500 years ago, the maximum brightness known under the Roman Imperial and its ruins are recognized as being among the best preserved in the world. Hidden for centuries under the sand, the city was revealed and was restored the '70s. Jerash is an ex...

Wadi Rum

"Rum the magnificent... vast, echoing and Godlike... a processional way greater than imagination..." Those were the words used by the English writer and army captain Lawrence of Arabia to describe the desert of Wadi Rum. A place where he returned to time and again "to clear my s...

Castle of Ajloun (Qal'at Ar-Rabad)

The wonders of nature and the genius of medieval Arab military architecture have given northern Jordan two of the most important ecological and historical attractions in the Middle East. The castle was built by one of Saladin's generals in 1184 AD to control the iron mines of Ajloun, and...


Amman, capital of Jordan, is a charming town full of contrasts, a unique blend of old and new with an ideal location in a hilly area, situated between the desert and the fertile Jordan Valley. In the commercial center of the city are modern buildings, hotels, elegant restaurants, art galleries an...

Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo is one of the most revered holy sites of Jordan, for this is from where Moses, 'the servant of the Lord' and 'the friend of God' (Deuteronomy 3249 and 345) viewed the Promised Land and the Dead Sea, after leading his people through the desert for forty years. If the sky...

Um Al Rasas

A rectangular walled city, about 30 kilometers southeast of Madaba, which is mentioned on both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. It was fortified by the Romans and local Christians were still embellishing it with Byzantine-style mosaics well over 100 years after the start of the Muslim Uma...

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