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Full Day Petra

Detailed Itinerary

Petra is the legacy of the Nabataeans, an industrious arab people who settled in south of Jordan more than 2,000 years ago. Petra's most famous monument , the treasury , appears dramatically at the end of the (Siq). Used in the final sequence of the film ( Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade ), this towering facade is only the first Petra's secrets.
Various walks and climbs reveal literally hundreds of buildings, facades, tombs, baths, and haunting rock drawing relief's - enough to keep you here for many days. you find a 7,000 seat theater from the time of Jesus, a palace tomb in the roman style, a gigantic third century Deir ( monastery ).
Due to the remarkable walking involved in this tour and to the limited time, we normally arrange for our guests to reach just after the roman theater and the urn tomb.

Following is our detailed schedule and distances inside petra site:

  • Starting point in Petra to the beginning of the ( siq ) 1 km

  • The length of the (Siq) is 1200 meters.

  • From the starting point to the treasury will be 2200 meters ( 2 km 200 meters )

  • From the visitors center to the basin restaurant  around 4 km

  • From the treasury to the basin restaurant around 2800 meters(2km & 800 meters ) 

Full Day Petra - 10 hours tour
Disembark and depart for Petra
Arrive visitors center parking area, use restrooms available in the visitors center also shopping facilities available. 
Mount horses (near the entrance of Petra) 15 minutes ride – walking is possible as another option for guests who do not like to ride a horse.
Dismount horses at the beginning of the (Siq) and start walking through the (Siq) for 25 - 30 minutes.
Arrive treasury , continue walking through the valley, visiting the amphitheater, royal tombs, roman colonnade and the museum. 
Group meet with their guide / tour leader to walk back through the Siq and return to where they left their horses.
Ride horses to the starting point.
Deluxe lunch to be served in a Petra hotel.
Depart for Aqaba
Arrive Aqaba port and embarkation on the cruise ship 



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